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Trata de Personas

Painting (Post-War & Contemporary) Luis Renteria
Purchase: 31,000.00 IDON ($310,000.00)


Title: Trata de Personas
Year Completed: 1999
Size: 220x160cm
Medium: Oil painting on canvas
Original: Yes
Signed by Artist? Yes
Certificate of Authenticity? Yes

Artist Biography


I am the lyrical poetry of the jungle, where the goldfinch is passion; song of the silent harvests of ideas.

I am the silent verse when in constant outline; they travel like passing birds.
Left-handed or right-handed movements lead me to deep singing in chromatic time.
I am not the genius who glimpses the crowds; I watch and learn how to have some of that passing time.

Color calls me to dance in its brilliant intentions, as a different path to the brilliant horizon.
The seconds explode intentionally and without mercy; when your memory does not leave a memory.

As dawn breaks, I go to my destination, armed with visions that conspired in the night in my dreams; closing in the dark eyes and opening the clear sun in silent morning.

Heraldic condition of Don Quixote in penumbrous fright for his beloved in the stars, infinite fire without stopping my hands; dream catcher to enjoy the viewer.

To deform the figures that pass through my brown eyes, to exaggerate the mass in detonating natural movements of the calling tone like a gloomy jungle.

Backgrounds and shapes fly to infinity; like crystals dancing verses on my canvases.

Spaces, backgrounds and shapes, songs of light and dark encounters; saturating the cognition of the infinite frozen poems on the inert wall of sidereal times.

Since I saw him in my thoughts, I lost the identity of being myself; for which reason it has been brutal in my spaces and does not let me sleep.


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