The Taoscán

Whiskey The Taoscán
Value: 130.00 IDON ($1,300.00) per bottle * price excluding VAT and duties
$1K - $5K Range


The first and only whiskey of its kind, The Taoscán is the world’s first Port & Chestnut finished whiskey; a unique blend of barrels brought together in perfect harmony. Restoring Irish whiskey to its rightful place as a global leader takes a whiskey of extraordinary character; The Taoscán is that whiskey.

The journey begins with its American Oak Bourbon cask and Sherry Oloroso butt maturation, unveiling vanilla, cedar, musk, and luscious maple syrup notes. However, it’s the innovative finishing touch that defines The Taoscán – split across various barrels for two years. The result? A masterful blend of Virgin Chestnut and Tawny Port casks, setting a new standard in complexity and flavor. This groundbreaking creation marks the world’s first Tawny Port and Chestnut single malt whiskey. Elevating a global icon requires a blend of tradition and innovation. Rooted in the wisdom of the whiskey master’s past, The Taoscán is a tribute to heritage while embracing modern science and experimentation.

In its final stage, The Taoscán spent two years maturing in an array of barrels – Chestnut, Cherry, Mulberry, Sauternes, Amarone, Banyuls, Port, and Riversaults. After careful tasting, the Chestnut and Tawny Port-finished whiskeys shone brilliantly. Blending their distinct journeys in perfect harmony, a uniquely complex flavor and aroma emerged, giving birth to the world’s first Tawny Port and Chestnut whiskey.

With a nod to traditional blending artistry and a touch of 21st-century innovation, The Taoscán embodies the essence of Irish whiskey – smoothness and intricate layers of flavor. Its accolades include a Silver at the World Whiskies Awards, a testament to its exceptional character and craftsmanship

Limited to 4,000 bottles, including a mere 1,000 for the Collector’s Edition, The Taoscán isn’t just a whiskey; it’s an investment. Crafted with creative brilliance and unmatched skill, it stems from a company renowned for winning accolades like the Best Single Malt in Ireland and coveted Master Medals. The Taoscán’s rarity, awards, and exceptional releases make it a future collectable of remarkable value. Numbers 1-1,000, the first releases of The Taoscan, are presented in an elegant clear perspex and walnut wood box, highlighting the elegantly understated luxury of the design. An engraved label displays the number of your bottle, making this a collector’s piece to treasure.

*Supply is extremely limited. Maximum of one bottle per customer.


The Nose: Warm banana bread studded with candied walnut comes to the fore, joined by the rich sweetness of golden syrup and the mellow vanilla of a coke float, balanced out with just a hint of sourness.

The Palate: A rich spice travels through the mid-palate, rounded out with a smooth viscosity that engulfs the whole mouth with an exceptional creaminess. On the back palate, a slightly dry mouthfeel melts into an enveloping luxuriance with warming notes of vanilla, toasted nuts and the joyful memories of campfire s’mores.

The Finish: A medium to long finish of roasted chestnuts and a hint of spice calls to mind the warm embrace of home.


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