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The Precious Diamond

Painting (Post-War & Contemporary) René Georges
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Title: The Precious Diamond
Year Completed: 2020
Size: 80x80 cm (31.49x31.49 inches)
Medium: Oil painting on canvas
Original: Yes
Signed by Artist? Yes
Certificate of Authenticity? Yes

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Artist Biography

René Georges
Artist Painter/Sculptor. Born 21 /11/ 1956.

Relying on an artistic training as a sculptor/ceramist in London in the 80s, this Belgian Artist developed his own style over the last 39 years where he favours ovals, harmonious and rather feminine shapes. He spent 5 years in the South of France where he discovered the brightness of colours. René has travelled to over 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Arabia, Australia, USA, and Canada).


  • Award Winner “Young Sculptor” Monumental Sculptures, Narbonne.
  • Prize-winner «Mediterranean Colours ” South of France.
  • Degree Educateur, Liège Belgium (1978)
  • Artistic Degree Sculptur/Céramics, London (1983)
  • Laureate Price « Jeune Sculpteur Extérieur », Narbonne (1989)
  • Laureate Price « Couleurs Méditerranée », Gruissan (1990)
  • Distinction : Gold Canvas 2013 – France

A nomadic artist and unclassifiable, René Georges is a person out of range. He is a world traveller, lover of the essence of nature and everything that vibrates; he enters in a new spiritual dimension that matches in the age of Aquarius, freshly started in our time. It’s in the silence that he accesses through his soul to the world of creators who experiment and discover the beauty, the wonderful. Flowing from there, the free and creative energy fills his blank canvas – inspired by I don’t know where from he always says. There is no pattern. There is what comes of itself. He then is amazed himself, full of gratitude and happiness.

His friends like telling him, what you paint comes from other planets. To work in freedom and lightness, to listen to his inner being, what happiness! It is pure adventure. Let the creative energy flow through your fingers slightly to the end of the brush that belongs to the destiny of the genie. Listening to the silence and harmonious music helps him to connect with his soul. You’re again completely somewhere else, says his wife. Joy, positive mind and beauty are his commands.


  • Harrow College of Higher Education LONDON 1983 ANGLETERRE
  • Centre Culturel « Léo Lagrange » NARBONNE 1988 FRANCE
  • Centre Culturel CERET 1988 FRANCE
  • Galerie des métiers d’Art CARCASSONNE 1989 FRANCE
  • Palais Feerstel VIENNE 1992 Autriche
  • Abney Gallery NEW YORK 1992 USA
  • Artovifat Galerie OVIFAT 1993 BELGIQUE
  • American Bank Tours NEW YORK 1993 USA
  • Galerie Herouet PARIS 1993 FRANCE
  • Hôtel de Ville SAINT-VITH 1994 BELGIQUE
  • American Polish Museum Long Island NEW YORK 1994 USA
  • Biennale STOCKHOLM 1995 SUEDE
  • BRF Funkhaus EUPEN 1996 BELGIQUE
  • Luxembourg Bank and Compagny Tours : Garanty Bank, Arthur Andersen Goodyear, UBS, Mutuel Bank, DG Bank, Svenska Handelsbanken, Atlantis, DEKA Bank, Indosuez, Fastnet Software, Unibank : 2000 – 2002
  • Médiathèque Intercommunale LONGWY 2009 FRANCE.
  • Luxembourg Tour : Mondial Europartner, Euroscript, Llyods DSB Bank 2010 – 2012.
  • Maison de la Culture, Galerie Maïté, Centre Culturel – Luxembourg – 2012-2013.
  • Colorida Art Gallery LISBON – Portugal 2014.


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