Thatch Cay

Private Island North America, USVI
Value: 1,999,500.00 IDON ($19,995,000.00) *
$10MM - $25MM Range


Latitude: 18°21'42.0"N
Longitude: 64°51'30.0"W

Thatch Cay is a 237-acre, fee simple, private island located in the US Virgin Islands. Several features of the island include:

  • A secluded private paradise as accessible as you want it to be
  • 5 miles of shoreline
  • Panoramic views in all directions
  • Pristine waters
  • An untouched landscape
  • Potential significant reduction in or exemption from business and personal taxes.

The island is zoned for residential development (R-1 zoning allows for detached single-family and two-family dwellings, with a minimum lot size of ½ acre and a maximum building height of two stories).

The island is currently divided into three parcels, consisting of 57 acres on the western section, 57 acres on the middle section, and 115 acres on the eastern section (which includes the area designated for the dock and also the highest peak, at almost 500 feet). This current division allows for the construction of up to six dwellings (one house and one guest house per parcel). The island is also ideally suited for a very high-end, low-density residential development, creating a unique offering of estate-sized lots with panoramic views and unlimited privacy.

The crystal clear waters surrounding Thatch Cay are ideal for deep-sea fishing, sailboarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling. A renowned dive site off the northwest point highlights archways, tunnels, interesting coral formations, and an abundance of tropical fish.

There are numerous possibilities for the property, including: a family compound, corporate retreat, vacation villas, eco-tourism destination, luxury spa, artists’ studio, etc.

Resting just one half mile off the coastline of St. Thomas, Thatch Cay is just 5 minutes by powerboat from full marina facilities. Thatch Cay is within easy boating distance of St. John, U.S.V.I and Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, and Virgin Gorda, B.V.I. Sir Richard Branson’s world-famous private retreat, Necker Island, is situated just off the coast of Virgin Gorda.

St. Thomas is served by a modern international airport with private jetport. Airlines serving St. Thomas include American, Continental, Delta, United, and U.S. Airways, with direct flights from Atlanta (3 ½ hrs.), Boston (4 hrs.), Chicago (6 hrs.), New York (4 hrs.), and Miami (2 ½ hrs.). From the airport, it is less than a 30 minute scenic drive to the marina area, and then a five minute boat ride to Thatch Cay. The island could also be accessed by helicopter from St. Thomas or Puerto Rico.

Thatch Cay provides the security and stability of being a U.S. territory. In addition, qualified businesses located in the Virgin Islands may apply for tax benefits through the EDC program, including a substantial reduction in or exemption from business and personal taxes.

Thatch Cay’s stunning marine environment includes magnificent coral reefs, seagrass beds, and an abundance of colorful tropical fish. Part of an island chain forming the northern protective barrier for Pillsbury Sound, the tranquil, crystal-clear waters surrounding Thatch Cay are ideal for deep-sea fishing, sailboarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

A renowned dive site off the northwest point features archways, tunnels, interesting coral formations including bright orange tubastrea, pillar coral, and delicate black coral, as well as the presence of tarpon, a host of tropical fish, and clouds of silversides.

The beaches of Thatch Cay provide up-close views of dolphins and sea turtles at play and of the annual migration of humpback whales and sea birds. An excellent swimming beach provides the opportunity for a refreshing dip, or for strong swimmers, the opportunity to swim from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea.

Natural coastal vegetation on Thatch Cay includes groves of native tyre palms (for which the island is named), dry herbaceous plants such as crotons and sages, species of cacti including the wooly nipple cactus, and wild orchids and bromeliads, including the flowering Tillandsia which grows on the rock faces on the northern side of the island.

There is a black mangrove lined salt pond located on Eve Point. The island provides a habitat for abundant species of amphibian life including lizards, geckos, created anole, grass anole, barred anole, the whistling frog, and the Puerto Rican racer.

Wild goats roam freely across the island terrain. Incredible bird life surrounds the island, and seabirds nest on the western end as well as on the rocky cliffs of the north shore. The first roseate terns of the annual migration are commonly observed on Thatch Cay.

Below are initial plans for establishing infrastructure on the island.


A protected cove on the south shore near the beach provides an ideal location for a dock, with level land perfect for a shaded gazebo, dock house, and other facilities. Water depth will accommodate boats of up to 50-60 feet.


There are several options for providing power to the island, including an underground power line from St. Thomas, diesel generators, and/or environmentally sensitive solar or wind power options. 


A satellite system would support communication needs on the island, including cable television, internet access and a telephone system.


In addition to collection and treatment of freshwater rainfall, a centralized reverse-osmosis desalination system would provide for on-island water production and treatment, with distribution via water truck or underground water lines. 


Individual septic systems (such as environmentally sensitive “constructed wetland” systems using plants as filters) would provide for sewage treatment and individual irrigation needs. 


To minimize environmental and aesthetic impacts, roadways would be carefully designed and made of 8 to 10 feet wide paved concrete to support on-island transportation via all-terrain golf-cart type vehicles (battery or electric powered).

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