Placencia Beachfront Lots

Raw Land Central America, Belize, Placencia
Value: 100,750.00 IDON ($1,007,500.00) *
$1MM - $5MM Range


Rare opportunity to become the new owner of two adjacent beachfront parcels referred to as 173 and 174 in the heart of Belize. Situated along the Placencia Peninsula adjacent to The Placencia Hotel and Residences, these parcels offer white sand beach access with stunning views from sunrise to sunset. Spanning 2,911.07 sq m (31,334.50 sq ft) the parcels are perfect for the development of a single-family home with additional privacy and security. With multiple restaurant and shopping opportunities nearby, the location is ideal for a comfortable lifestyle. 

Bordered on one side by a  mangrove-lined lagoon and on the other by the Caribbean Sea, Placencia is renowned for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Whether you enjoy water activities such as snorkeling or soaking in the warmth and tranquility, this opportunity allows for you to design your dream beachfront home.

Belize is an untouched paradise with an abundance of wildlife – both on land and in the sea. It is most well-known for its natural wonders, including the world-renowned Great Blue Hole for scuba diving, diverse wildlife, vast jungles, stunning beaches, small islands, and stunning coral reefs. However, the country also offers a rich culture and history, with ancient Mayan ruins scattered throughout.

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