Painting (Contemporary Master Artist) Dario Campanile
Value: 880.00 IDON ($8,800.00) *
$5K - $10K Range


Title: Orizzonti
Year Completed: 2020
Size: 20x30 inches (50.8x76.2 cm)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Original: Yes
Signed by Artist? Yes
Certificate of Authenticity? No
Third-party valuation available? No
Description: Abstract; landscape

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Artist Biography

Dario Campanile’s journey started in Rome, Italy where he was born April 21, 1948. Dario expressed an affinity for art as a young boy. When he was 14, the artist was bedridden with a kidney ailment for three months, and his father gave him a set of oil paints to cheer him up. He painted his first still life in just a few days. A self-taught artist, once Campanile had mastered the tools, he was off on a free-spirited ride, never quite sure where he was going, but always secure in the knowledge that his natural gifts and instincts would take him into exciting new realms. Meetings with Salvador Dali, who coined him the “Roman Master” and De Chirico influenced his work as a painter. In 1986 Dario was commissioned to redesign and create a new logo for the famed Paramount Pictures. In 2005 Dario was invited to participate on a project called “Missing Peace”. Dario met the Dali Lama at his home in India where he posed for a portrait exhibited in the project.

After decades of painting realism and surrealism, Campanile’s work has evolved into abstract expressionism, which is now the artist’s main focus and passion. Here, he describes what it is like to create his renowned abstract paintings:

Dario Campanile – Artist Statement on working in Abstract

“Working in abstract for me is the most direct and pure form of artistic expression coming from my unconscious. The challenge is to be able to trust and surrender and allow the channel of creativity to come through me, like an open vessel. This process most of the time is very daring because I want to make sure that the pure essence of child-like energy comes through the body and mind of the adult. My main goal is to be able to express my true soul and continue my journey by taking risks and always allowing myself to explore new visions.”

Dario Campanile has lived in the United States for the past 40 plus years, living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Maui, Hawaii. His presence as an artist is expanding in Naples & Palm Beach, Florida, Greenwich, CT & New York. After 60 years of artistic expression, he is unceasingly inspired by the beauty in the world and continues his
journey through art.


1948 – Born in Rome, Italy April 21st.

1962 – Began oil painting at age 14.

1967 – First group show in Galeria La Tavolazza in Rome.

1967 – Met Giorgio de Chirico in Rome renowned Italian master of metaphysical art. He saw Dario’s early still lives and encouraged him to continue working on his own without any schooling. Dario is a self-taught artist.

1969 – Spanish Steps, Rome group show – Primavera Romana

1969 – Joined Italian Army mandatory service for 15 months. After visiting Galeria Esedera where Dario’s’ work was exhibited, Chief of Command of Infantry Five Star General Giovanni Buttiglione transferred him in Rome to paint a series of 3 Patron Saints for the Ministry of Defense conference room.

1970 – After his army obligation was completed, Dario traveled to London where he sold his paintings in Hyde Park Corner and later was represented by a J. Middleton Gallery on King’s Road.

1972 – Met Salvador Dali’s accountant in Cadaques, Spain. After seeing his work Dario was invited to meet Salvador Dali at his private home. Dali called him “The Roman Master”. He invited back for another private meeting where they shared techniques about their art.

1974 – First trip to United States to Los Angeles, CA. After seeing his portfolio, the owner Edgardo Acosta of Acosta Galleries in Beverly Hills invited him for a one man show the following year in 1975.

1975 – Moved to Los Angeles, CA to paint album covers for artists such as Herbie Hancock, Lee Ritenour, David Grousen, Little River Band, Cheech & Chong, etc.

1986 – Commissioned by Paramount Studios to design the new logo to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Paramount Pictures.

1988 – Dario moved to Carmel, CA where he opened his own gallery, Campanile Gallery. He began to show his work regularly at galleries in Hawaii and Maui.

1990 – Dario moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and began showing his work at galleries such as his one man show at Powell Street Gallery in San Francisco in 1997.

1995 – Vincent Lee of Hong Kong invited Dario, in conjunction with artist Yankel Ginzburg, to participate in the Third Annual Charity Art Gala Event to benefit the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Service. The two artists were acknowledged in a letter from President Bill Clinton congratulating them on their continuing efforts to promote goodwill and their contributions on the behalf of education.

2005 – Dario was among 85 artists from over 30 countries who participated in a multimedia art exhibition titled The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama. Campanile traveled to India and was granted a private visit at the home of His Holiness. This interview provided the artist with the inspiration for the painting, “Missing Peace: Found.”


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