Oceanfront Miramar Plaza Luxury Turnkey Condo

Condominium Central America, Panama, Panamá
Value: 80,000.00 IDON ($800,000.00) *
$500K - $1MM Range


This beautiful oceanfront condo known as Miramar Plaza Luxury Turnkey Condo consists of 375m2 (4,036 square feet) of living space, with 3 bedrooms and 4 ½ baths. The condo is fully furnished located on Avenida Balboa in downtown Panama City which is a popular destination offering wonderful shops and dining options. The condo features panoramic views of the coastal strip and bay of Panama, offering picture perfect shots. 

Recently remodeled, and professionally decorated - the condo will be sold fully furnished including designer artwork, custom wood accents throughout, solid wood furnishings with imported tapestries, hand suede drapery and marble floors.

The condo also includes 3 parking spaces located on the second floor, central air conditioning, and a private maids’ room with bath and service entrance.

The PH Miramar Plaza building includes stellar amenities such as a large social area with swimming pool, gym, sports area, basketball court, tennis courts and children’s area with playground.

Positioned in the heart of Panama City this condo is in the center of the Coastal Strip which gives residents access to a full spectrum of active lifestyle amenities.

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