MEGAGONG ‘Eclisse’

Installation Marco Guglielmi
Value: 13,000.00 IDON ($130,000.00) *
$100K - $500K Range


Title: MEGAGONG ‘Eclisse’
Size: 86 3/5×78 7/10×23 3/5 inches (220×200×60 cm)

Technical Sheet

  • Category: Sound Art / Interactive / Wall Sculpture and Installation
  • Materials: Carbon steel powder coated, led lights, enhanced digital audio system
  • Glossy finishes on plasma-cut metal, reference audio system with four two-way 400W total monitors, stereo jack audio output, LED backlight from 600W to 6000k, interchangeable panels with customizable RAL colors with magnetic coupling, preamplification and harmonization system TC Helicon, Sennheizer microphone, double-leaf original wooden bat

Exhibition History

  • SCOPE Miami Beach, Art Basel Week 2019
  • SCOPE New York, Armory Week 2020
  • 11 [HH] Art Gallery Miami FL 2020

Artist Biography

MARCO GUGLIELMI REIMMORTAL Marco is a visual artist, a sound designer and a performer who acquired notoriety for his big conceptual installations showing an harmonic vision of vibrating sonic bodies. Marco creates sculptures and installations marked by the confluence of all media and by a strong experimental attitude. Sound is the main source of Marco’s inspiration, and is fully integrated to vision. All his lifetime research is on the connections between visual and sonic perception based on emotions, a non-verbal language which is – first and foremost – an energetic exchange. All projects are based on the ideas of sustainability, environmental preservation, biodiversity and ecosystem where the respect of all forms of life prevails. Awards 5th Award cat. Installation: “XI Biennale di Firenze | XI Florence Biennale” Fortezza da Basso, Firenze (Italy), 06 – 15 Ottobre 2017 Winner T.I.N.A. Prize 2017 Amsterdam, Kulter Honour by: “Premio Internazionale Berlino” Franzosische FriedrichstadtKirche, Berlino (Germany), 24 Settembre 2017 Honour by: Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi for: “Premio Internazionale Arte Milano” Teatro dal Verme, Milano (Italy), 28 Luglio 2017 Basic facts:

  • Marco Guglielmi has over thirty-five years of experience in the experimental research on sound and vision.
  • He acquired notoriety for his big conceptual installations showing an harmonic vision of vibrating sonic bodies.
  • For “SonicMandala” he received the Patronage of CID (Conseil International de la Danse) – UNESCO in Paris and of the Municipality of Rome.
  • With Stefania Minutaglio he founded 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery, focusing on avantgarde art on the international scene.
  • In 2017 At the IX Biennial of Florence he wins the 5th Award ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ for the Installation category.
  • During the 57th Venice Biennale, he shows his first retrospective exhibition inside the Church of Abbazia della Misercordia in Venice.
  • In 2018 Marco announces his new Project TSP Trance Sonic Painting and the expansion of the “Albero e Foresta Dimmi” and “Albero Sonico” in natural and site-specific environements.
  • In 2018 With “Albero Sonico Destrutturato” and “Operazione Dimmi Amatrice” Marco is the only visual artist for “Borghi of Italy – #NO(F)EARTHQUAKE”, Collateral Event of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2018.
  • In 2019 Marco has a solo show in MACRO (Museo Arte Contemporanea Roma) presenting “Tronco e Foresta Sonica | Sonic Trunk and Sonic Forest”.
  • In 2019 He opens his own showroom in Miami, 2200 Biscayne Blv.
  • In 2019 He joins SCOPE MIAMI during the Art Basel Week with the series “Stargate”.
  • In 2020 he joins SCOPE N.Y. during the Armory Week with the series “Megagong”.


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