Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli R

Hypercar Mazzanti Automobili
Value: 271,310.00 IDON ($2,713,104.00) * Road and track editions available. Final price to be determined based upon customizations. The price of this model (track edition) prior to customization is €2,400,000.00.
$1MM - $5MM Range


Mazzanti Automobili is a globally recognized brand by collectors, buyers and enthusiasts looking for the unique opportunity to own one of the rarest Supercars ever built in the world. 

The Evantra Millecavalli R is the extreme version of the Evantra Hypercar. Luca Mazzanti wanted to combine all of the evolutionary steps taken by Mazzanti Automobili up to this point, a melting pot of skills and experience accumulated by Luca and his team during the 20 years prior to the Millecavalli R.

The Millecavalli R is equipped with a newly developed 7.4 L V8 twin-turbo engine, capable of delivering 1121 hp, with total torque transmitted to the rear wheels reaching 1210 NM. This configuration, combined with a dedicated six-speed sequential gearbox, allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.7 seconds, reaching a top speed of 400 kph thanks to its low weight of just 1300 kg.

Only 5 cars of this model are produced per year.

Evantra is designed, conceived, produced and assembled in Tuscany, the Italian region famous all over the world for its artistic masterpieces of all kinds: and Evantra is no exception! 

In the Etruscan tradition, Evantra was the goddess of immortality: a symbol of eternity that best marries the idea of ​​our Supercar. 

The strong philosophy and ideas of Luca Mazzanti have made it possible to create a new Supercar concept: a car far from the common market logic, but with a pure soul.


Payments are to be made according to the schedule below with each payment comprising of 50% cash and 50% IDON.

  • Confirmed order: 20%
  • Production start: 30%
  • Customization: 30%
  • Pre-delivery: 20%

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The design of the Millecavalli R is an evolution of the already dynamic and balanced design found in the Evantra Pura and the Evantra 781. Luca Mazzanti developed this new Hypercar while focusing on the sporting heritage of Mazzanti Automobili, already having the Evantra concept as an excellent base for a mid-engine Supercar to start from.

The Millecavalli R took on an extreme and decisive design including numerous new aerodynamic elements. The carbon aerodynamic appendages present throughout the body, combined with the complex system of ducting and air extraction, allow the driver to take full advantage of the airflow, using this natural element as an active component.


Every detail of the Millecavalli R is designed to be extremely functional. The bodywork has a 2-seat coupé layout and is made of carbon fibre. The rear-opening doors, never seen before the Evantra, blend classic style with modern aesthetic giving the car a dynamic element even when stationary. Luca Mazzanti compares the design of the car with its doors open to a bird of prey in mid-flight, wings wide, claws open, intent on snatching its quarry.

Many features of the car can be augmented with exotic and precious materials, further increasing the prestige of each unique Millecavalli R. The visible carbon and hand-beaten aluminium merely go to show some of the technical abilities Mazzanti Automobili has to offer.


The interiors of this Hypercar are designed and finished according to the wishes of each individual customer. Leading companies in the fashion and luxury sectors provide us with the finest leathers, completely natural and incredibly soft to the touch.

The central console, created by Mazzanti Automobili in collaboration with ID4Motion, is dedicated in shape and design to this limited series. This is where the MFT (Mazzanti Full Touch) is located: a large touchscreen to control all of the entertainment, navigation, audio, telephone, air conditioning and engine mapping functions.

The engine starter button is designed with the “Tricolore” flag of Italy in mind and, in typical “Mazzanti” style, is located in the roof panel in honour of an earlier model, the fabulous blue Antas.

The steering wheel, equipped with an airbag, has a sporty cut – a specific racing steering wheel in carbon is also available, equipped with shift LEDs and a display that includes the gear indicator along with other useful information for use on the track: a typical feature in top racing cars.


The Evantra Millecavalli’s chassis is made from high-tensile boxed-section frame steel combined with molybdenum chrome. The cockpit has a high side line which results in an excellent level of protection for the occupants in the event of side impact and in an extremely high torsional stiffness typical of a race car. It is precisely incorporated into the car body through a roll-cage made of molybdenum chrome: this union translates into an extremely rigid, responsive and safe chassis.


The Evantra Millecavalli is equipped with an outstanding 7.4 L Bi-turbo aluminum V8 engine capable of exceptional performance, which generates the impressive power of 1121 hp and 1210 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm with a 0-100 kph time of 2.7 seconds and a maximum speed in excess of 400 kph.


The Evantra Millecavalli is completely customizable by the customer: the only limit is imagination. It is possible to create daring combinations. The driving position is configured and designed according to the measurements of the customer taken during visits to our Atelier; this practice is common only for the most prestigious racing cars as well as for the finest tailored suits.

Model Comparison

Model: Pura (link) 781 (link) Millecavalli R (link)
Engine Layout: 8 cylinders V 8 cylinders V 8 cylinders V
Engine capacity: 6200 cc. 6200 cc. 7400 cc
Power: 761 hp @ 6300 rpm 781 hp @ 6400 rpm 1121 hp @ 6500 rpm
Torque: 910 NM @ 4300 rpm 969 NM @ 4400 rpm 1210 NM a 6500 rpm
Acceleration (0-100 kph): 2.9 seconds 2.8 seconds 2.7 seconds
Max Speed: over 360 kph over 360 kph over 400 kph
Length: 4325 mm 4325 mm 4425 mm
Width: 1955 mm 1955 mm 2008 mm
Height: 1225 mm 1225 mm 1225 mm
Wheelbase: 2550 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm
Kerb weight: 1290 kg 1350 kg 1380 kg
Gear box 7 speeds 7 speeds 7 speeds
Chassis: High-tensile boxed-section frame steel with molybdenum chrome High-tensile boxed-section frame steel with molybdenum chrome High-tensile boxed-section frame steel with molybdenum chrome
Suspension: Type Front / Rear McPherson / McPherson (adjustable opt) Type Front / Rear McPherson / McPherson (adjustable) Type Front / Rear double wishbone suspension (adjustable)
Brakes: Brembo, Brake Discs, Front 380 mm – Rear 360 mm (Carboceramics) Front
Calipers 6 pistons – Rear 4 pistons
Brembo, Brake Discs, Front 380 mm – Rear 360 mm (Carboceramics) Front
Calipers 6 pistons – Rear 4 pistons
Carbon-ceramic – front 390 mm – rear 360 mm – Calipers front 6 pistons – rear 4 pistons
Tyres: Michelin, front 255/35 R19 – rear 315/30 R20 Michelin, front 255/35 R19 – rear 315/30 R20 Michelin, front 265/35 R19 – rear 335/30 R20
Wheels: OZ racing, front 9.5” x 19”/rear 12” x 20” OZ racing, front 9.5” x 19”/rear 12” x 20” OZ racing, front 9.5” x 19”/rear 12” x 20”
2021 List Price (Track only): € 1,000,000 On application € 2,400,000 (full optional)
2021 List Price (Road legal): € 1,300,000 (includes FSP)* € 1,800,000 (includes ERP, GTP, FSP)* On application
Production Limit: 5 cars per year 5 cars per year 5 cars per year

Package Options

The Evantra 781 is available in both track and road versions and includes as standard each of the following packages designed to enhance the driving experience. 

Package Package Details Package Price
ERP – Extra Racing Package
  • adjustable suspension setting
  • track data collector
  • sport seats
  • racing exhaust
  • carbon look details
  • body protective wrap
  • special tricolour paint
  • racing maps
  • adjustable spoiler
EUR 120,000
GTP – GT Touring Package
  • lifting system
  • suitcase set
  • comfort seats
  • comfort maps
  • sound system
  • special protection wrap
  • park sensors + video-camera
  • ambient lightning
EUR 100,000
FSP – Full Service Package
  • warranty 2 years
  • service n. 1
  • service n. 2
  • flying maintenance service (EMEA)
  • remote assistance
  • warranty extension 3rd year
EUR 50,000

For more information about this model, please check: https://mzz.industries/.

Expert Profile

Mazzanti Automobili

Mazzanti Automobili is an Italian company, based in Tuscany, which operates in the luxury automotive sector producing high-performance handcrafted cars. Mazzanti is a globally recognized brand, sought after by collectors, buyers and enthusiasts, offering a unique opportunity to own one of the rarest Hypercars ever built.

In the world of supercars and hypercars, it has become a bit of a gimmick that manufacturers will release a car, and then, a year or two down the road, release a special, limited, or track-only version of that car. This has happened with many manufacturers from all countries, around the world. There are a few manufacturers, however, that stay dedicated to a tight model line, and each car from that model line is the absolute best it can be at the time it was built.

Mazzanti Automobili, a specialist hypercar coachbuilder and producer in Italy, is one such company. In fact, their model line is exactly three cars: The Evantra Classic, the Evantra 781, and the Evantra Millecavalli R. That is, it was three cars until October 2021, when their latest hypercar, the Evantra Pura, was unveiled to the world. Designed and manufactured without compromise, this car is set to become the next great Italian limited edition collector’s hypercar, as you will soon see.

The History of Evantra

The Evantra model has always been at the core of Mazzanti Automobili’s design and engineering concepts, due to the fact that the initial boxed steel frame and chrome-molybdenum cage of the 2012 prototype proved to be extremely strong. Structural rigidity was key, due to the fact that the Evantra was always meant to be a comfortable but agile and sporty two seater coupe. After testing and proving, the base model, now known as the Evantra Classic, went on sale in 2013. 

As part of the whole concept of a coach built hypercar, each and every vehicle was built precisely to customer specifications. The bodywork could be made out of carbon fiber, hand-wrought aluminum, or pretty much any combination of both. Each interior was made to measure, with the driver’s seat made to fit the customer’s own unique body shape, in essence making each interior a one-off, one of the core values of being coach built.


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