Mobile Home MARCHI Mobile
Value: 600,000.00 IDON ($6,000,000.00) *
$5MM - $10MM Range


This specific MARCHI eleMMent is an all electric version of the vehicle.

It is comparable to a Private Jet on wheels and recognized as the most luxurious mobile mansion in the world. It allows for the highest level of bespoke craftsmanship and appointments from around the globe, rewarding owners the appropriate respite, no matter the destination. Proprietary advancements deliver outstanding aerodynamics and reduced fuel consumption. With only a few MARCHI elements built each year the lead time per vehicle is 8-10 months. Specialty upgrades include full-armor, advanced air-filtration system, and drone deployment package.

Fine craftsmanship is recognized in every detail and demonstrated throughout the lounge, galley, spa, entertainment area and master estate room. Accommodations embody majesty with luxury bed from HYPNOS, the Grand Court supplier for Buckingham Palace. MARCHI harmonizes authentic arrangements inspired from acclaimed partners from Germany, Monaco, Switzerland, and Dubai to name a few. Specialty workings include gold, platinum, carbon fiber and diamonds.

The extravagance and versatility of the eleMMent is touted in staircases leading to a retractable flybridge Sky Deck which reveals itself from the rooftop. The Sky Deck is furnished with lounge seating, host bar, and premium sound system. An integrated in-floor heating system will keep you warm on chilly days, while the sunroof canopy provides shade comfort from direct sunlight.

This luxurious vehicle is perfect for one seeking prestigious details and comfort while on the road.

About MARCHI Mobile:

MARCHI Mobile, a German-based company with a passion for creating luxury travel vehicles, introduces the MARCHI eleMMent. The design philosophy behind the MARCHI eleMMent series goes far beyond what is typically considered in the automotive spectrum. For the firm time, engineering, and lifestyle concepts from an elite class of yacht builders, aviation companies, and motorsports racing have been seamlessly brought together to create a vehicle that epitomizes the art of luxury travel.

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