INEDIT Villa - Unit C

Villa Central America, Costa Rica, San José
Value: 130,000.00 IDON ($1,300,000.00) *
$1MM - $5MM Range


INEDIT is a real estate project rooted in the idea that a much higher quality of living can be achieved by being able to contemplate nature and living in a space that was designed to inspire.

In these turbulent times, real estate investments are one of the few secure methods to keep your wealth safe and appreciating. Inedit offers everyone a safehaven by means of an investment in prime real estate with the added benefit of building six one-of-a-kind homes that can be rented while the global economic situation improves.

Key Facts
Land area 5,330 m2 (57,372 sq ft), divided in 6 independent lots
Project status
  • One finished unit
  • One unit completed to 60%
  • One unit in initial phase (foundations)
  • Six segregated lots with finished construction documents
Areas Houses range from 350 to 614m2 (3,767 to 6,609 sq ft) (construction) and 240 to 740m2 (2,583 to 7,965 sq ft) garden area
Amenities Private pool, perimetral security, shared security guards, undisturbed views

Located in a high-end area of San José, Costa Rica, all six houses that comprise this project have undisturbed views to the Santa Ana Valley and 365 magnificent sunsets.

The project is located 500metres from Santa Ana centro, a small town with several restaurants, farmers market, commercial centers, hospitals and services. The drive to the main higway (Ruta 27) is less than 5 minutes.

Floor Plan

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Lot Area – 820 m2 – 8,826 sq ft
Built Area – 492m2 – 5,296 sq ft

Level 0
1. Garage – 60m2 – 646 sq ft
2. Storage – 4m2 – 43 sq ft
3. Vestibule – 10m2 – 108 sq ft
4. Hallway – 36m2 – 388 sq ft
5. Hallway – 6m2 – 65 sq ft
6. Bathroom – 3m2 – 32 sq ft
7. Pantry – 4m2 – 43 sq ft
8. Family Room – 20m2 – 215 sq ft
9. Laundry Room – 6m2 – 65 sq ft
10. Bathroom – 2m2 – 22 sq ft
11. Maid’s Bedroom – 12m2 – 129 sq ft
12. Kitchen 16m2 – 172 sq ft
13/14. Dining / Living 66m2 – 710 sq ft
15. Bedroom – 28m2 – 301 sq ft
16. Bedroom – 28m2 – 301 sq ft
17. Master Bedroom – 55m2 – 592 sq ft
18. Porche – 47m2 – 506 sq ft
19. Pool – 58m2 – 624 sq ft
20. Garden – 136m2 – 1,464 sq ft
21. Lower Garden – 105m2 – 1,130 sq ft

Level 1
22. Stairs – 4m2 – 43 sq ft
23. Bedroom 4 – 23m2 – 248 sq ft
24. Bedroom 5 – 21m2 – 226 sq ft
25. Terrace – 14m2 – 151 sq ft



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