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Identité égale légale

Sculpture Joël Equagoo
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Title: Identité égale légale
Year Completed: 2018
Size: 70.86x47.24x8.66 inches (180x120x22cm)
Medium: High quality steel and granite.
Original: Yes
Certificate of Authenticity? Yes

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Artist Biography

Joël Equagoo

Joël Equagoo is a Swiss Artist and Art Instructor originating from Togo, Africa, with over 20 years of professional experience. He was awarded “Art Instructor of the Year 2018/2019” by LTG (Luxury Travel Guide) Awards. Currently he is exhibiting his works at prestigious galleries in Basel, Monaco, Venice, Florence, New York, Singapore and counting. Many of his works have been commissioned by celebrities worldwide and prestigious banks in Switzerland. Before that he was leading a fashion store featuring international fashion for young people and his own design brands for over a decade.

As photographer and landart artist he makes installations in nature and creates beautiful objects of art in his own gallery. He works with materials from nature, such as stones, wood as also with other materials such as metal, steel, ceramics, and others. Joël Equagoo, born in Togo, Westafrica, 1970, studied building design and today he is an internationally renowned and confirmed landart artist from Switzerland. He is listed on Since 1992 he has been living and working as an artist in Solothurn, Switzerland with his family.

His work initially became popular through his stone art projects in Switzerland – Solothurn, Geneva, Zurich and the neighboring countries, such as Italy (Toscana), France and Germany as well as Netherlands, Great Britain, London, and in the USA, China and South Korea.

Today he is also the director of the international art gallery Made-in-nature, Switzerland, where he is evaluating art works on a daily basis and giving precious feedback to international artists. His love for art and the diversity in designs is fueling his passion to support artists globally and to help them thrive.




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