Hatstone Abogados

Law Firm Hatstone Abogados Central America, Panama, Panama City
Services available from: 200.00 IDON ($2,000.00) *


Hatstone is a boutique multi-jurisdictional group providing legal, investment fund administration and corporate services with offices in BVI, Ireland, Jersey, London, Panama and South Africa.

Idoneus clients can explore the services offered in Panama.

In 2013 the Hatstone Group assisted with the establishment of the Panamanian law firm, Hatstone Abogados, in order to promote further the various services offered by the Group.

We provide the full range of services in relation to Panamanian companies. Panamanian companies are very popular for international corporate transactions, as a vehicle for making investments and to own ships for registration throughout the world.

Panama is a leading international finance centre.  It is a commercially active and expanding jurisdiction which has great connections with the Americas. Panama is widely known as a strategic hub for commerce with its dollar-based economy and well-established services sector.

We understand that our clients often need simple, no-nonsense, pragmatic solutions to complex commercial problems. For that reason, projects are always partner-led and the most cost effective team is agreed in advance for each matter. We appreciate that some transactions will be time critical and we will work with you to ensure delivery, on time.

Panama Legal Advice – price starting from $3,000 USD

Hatstone Abogados is happy to provide Panama legal advice on all Panama related matters, which includes corporate and commercial, real estate transactions, private client and litigation.

Incorporation of Panama Company – price starting from $2,000 USD

Hatstone Abogados is pleased to assist with the incorporation and administration of Panama companies. Panama companies are popular for international corporate transactions and as a vehicle for making and holding investments such as Panama real estate.

Incorporation of a Panama Foundation – price starting from $2,000 USD

Hatstone Abogados provides a full range of incorporation, management and council services in relation to Panamanian foundations. Panamanian foundations are very popular for succession planning, asset protection and as a holding entity forming part of a larger international structure.

Immigration/Relocation Services – price starting from $5,000 USD

Hatstone Abogados regularly assist professionals, investors and retirees who are considering relocating to Panama. We provide advice in relation to the types of visa that are available to our clients in Panama and help them obtain the selected visa.

Tax Advice  – price starting from $3,000 USD

Hatstone Abogados advises on all aspects of Panama tax including corporate, personal, ITBMS, withholding and tax free zones. It also assists with tax investigations.

Bank account opening  – price starting from $2,000 USD

Panama companies and foundations together with persons and businesses relocating to Panama require bank accounts both locally and aboard. Hatstone Abogados is happy to assist with the bank account opening process.

We believe that the right people will attract the best work and we have put in place a first class team to assist you. The team has been carefully chosen to ensure that there is experience and strength in depth.

  • Partner/Director-led: Our Partners/Directors each have a wealth of experience in banking and finance, the establishment and maintenance of investment funds, corporate and commercial, acquisitions and mergers, private equity and venture capital, structured finance, financial services and regulatory law, trusts and foundations. We believe that our clients benefit from having their affairs overseen by senior staff with the necessary experience.
  • Client Focus: We are dedicated to providing client-focused service. Knowing our clients and understanding what drives their businesses is fundamental to us. We enjoy a very strong rapport with our clients who have access to our lawyers 24/7 through the latest technology. Our principal aim is to help clients achieve their objectives by offering them pragmatic advice and solutions.
  • Transparency: We are happy to work on a fixed fee basis (in most circumstances) and are transparent about our fees.

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