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Exquisite Panjshir Emerald Ring

Purchase: 13,572.90 IDON ($135,729.00)
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This superb example of an emerald is enriched by a warm gold and diamond setting.

Stone Emerald
Stone Size 14.5x9.5mm
Stone Shape Octagon
Stone Weight 7.82 ct
Stone Clarity VS
Stone Color F
Additional Stones Diamonds
Diamond Weight 1.07 ct
Metal 18K Yellow Gold

About Takat - Rare and Unique Jewels.

Takat is a family business established in 1955 in New York. Takat is founded on providing exceptional gems and jewels, excellence of craftsmanship and service to its clients. Each Takat creation is made with meticulous attention to detail and quality, balancing a classic approach to design with the latest developments in technology. Its creations are a favorite among international celebrities and royalty.

The Takat style incorporates timeless elegance in a wide selection of distinctive jewelry designed with daring combinations of color, precious metals and gemstones, and innovative materials. With global access to the best gemstones in the world, their master craftsmen are able to create incomparable works of art inspired by nature. Takat is the color connoisseur, harnessing the beauty of nature in exquisite jewelry hand-crafted in New York City.

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