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Cyprus Dream Villa

Villa Europe, Cyprus, Lapta 11 8 21527 sqft
Purchase: 448,000.00 IDON ($4,480,000.00)
$1MM - $5MM Range


This private estate is situated on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and features five luxury villas with 11 total bedrooms, along with eight bathrooms and is situated on 6,000 square meters (1.48 acres). The villas have a total gross size of 2,600 square meters (27,986 square feet) and has a net size under air of 2,000 square meters (21,527 square feet).

The main villa has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It was designed to incorporate comfort, luxury, simplicity and grandeur, which can be seen throughout the residences’ study room, fitness room, sauna, relaxation room, and cinema room. The villa features an elegantly designed and spacious master bedroom, with an eye-catching dressing room and bathroom. There are also 3 halls and 2 kitchens in this luxury residence.

The 4 auxiliary houses each have their own kitchen area, lounge, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

The outside features a semi-Olympic swimming pool, bar area, private jacuzzi room designed to be connected to a swimming pool and a mini swimming pool, as well as a private kitchen and dining area where one can comfortably accommodate their guests. Also on the property is a private garage.

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