Château de Lonzat

Castle Europe, France
Value: 3,025,577.45 IDON ($30,255,774.50) *
$25MM - $50MM Range


Total surface of the property: 116-hectares (286.64 acres) Located 15 km (9.32 miles) from Vichy, in the center of France with breathtaking views overlooking the Allier Valley. The château is unique in shape, flanked by a square tower in the southeast corner, a circular tower in the northeast corner and another circular tower in the southwest corner. This last tower is very old, undoubtedly dating back to the 12th century; the rest of the building dates from 1870. With only a twelve minute drive to Vichy-Charmeil airport and a 1 hour car drive to Clermont-Ferrand airport it is a prime location for new owners.

The complete construction is composed of a subway floor, first floor and two floors, plus a third floor under the roof. The plastered facades, the slate-covered roof and the exterior woodwork with single glazing and metal shutters stand out. The facades are mullioned windows with mullioned windows and a set of jacobins to the east and west. The main entrance is accessible through an entrance portal located in the square tower on the south side. This tower contains a monumental wooden staircase with access to the different levels. A second staircase on the north side also gives access to all floors.

Building Permit

Château to include +80k sq m (861,112.83 sq ft) building permit as described:

  • 1,977 sq m (21,280.25 sq ft) Château and 4,000 sq m (43,055.64 sq ft) dependencies near Vichy
  • 1,170,000 sq m (12,593,775.19 sq ft) of land, forest and lakes - 2 million cubic meters -(70,629,333.44 cubic feet) of water, spring is included
  • 81,000 sq m (871,876.74 sq ft) approved building permit
    • 64,500 sq m (694,272.22 sq ft) subject to residential development (max 300 Villas of 200 sq m/unit, 2152.78 sq ft)
    • 16,500 sq m (177,604.52 sq ft) subject to hotel development


From / To Paris
Direct Connection to Paris
-3h and 38m car drive
-1h and 15min flight from Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to Vichy-Charmeil airport
-Vichy airport is non-international, 12 minutes drive from the property

Via Clermont-Ferrand, which is approximately a 1h drive from the property, and conveniently connected to Paris via
-1h flight from Orly and CDG International Airports or
-3h 30min High Speed Rail connection from Paris-Bercy

From / To Lyon
-1h 51 min car drive from the property

From / To Montpellier
-4h car drive from the property

Three hundred year old oaks and sequoias adorn the park making this property a relaxing environment that offers charm. The property has potential to sell fully furnished.


The complex is made up of:

  • A park located mainly to the West and below the level of the embankment on which the Château and its outbuildings stand. To the East, access to the property from departmental road 142 by a gravel avenue bordered by lawns on both sides.
  • The courtyard is also gravel, as is the mansion's outdoor terrace, resting on the retaining wall on the west side. Below the wall, vast natural meadow land, with a circular path distributing the lower part of the property and going up to the rest of the built dependencies.
  • On both sides of the road (to the South, East and North), there is a wooded area with large deciduous and coniferous trees, all occupying more than 11 hectares (27.2 acres).
  • Part of the property that is on the other side of the departmental road 142, to the East and Southeast of the property with buildings. Its extension is equivalent to the result of the rest of the property (more than 100 hectares, 247 acres).
  • This land is made up of meadows, woods, and forests accessible by a path taken from the road.


- Château:

  • A small kitchen with an important fireplace.
  • A small room under the terrace.
  • A small enclosure for heating, with two CHAPEE boilers of fuel oil and coal (1995 and 1985).
  • A set of vaulted cellars or wine cellars, for wine, pantry, and fuel tank, all with cement or clay floors.
  • A room next to the stairwell with electrical control panels and an alarm center.
  • Under stairs, toilet with tiled washroom/WC.
  • A first lounge, an office, and a lounge with two east-facing windows, with oak parquet flooring with Hungarian points, wall woodwork and upholstery, French ceilings and fireplace finished in wood.
  • Toilet in stairwell plus small free space.
  • Kitchen with window on the East side, plus large, tiled kitchen with window on the north side and door opening to the outside, giving access to a chapel with sacristy and stained-glass windows.
  • On the west side, a dining room illuminated by two windows overlooking the park, with tiled floor with artistic designs, wooden walls, and upholstery, with a monumental fireplace.
  • The "yellow" living room, with an opening to the outside terrace, parquet floor laid in a chain, hardwood and wallpaper walls and a French ceiling.
  • Large living room with two windows on the west side and a monumental fireplace.
  • Accessible from both sides by stairs North and South. Landings and central distributor.
  • Bedroom with window to the East, carpet, elastic fabric wall and painted ceiling.
  • Dressing room.
  • Bedroom with window to the East, carpet, upholstered walls and plaster ceiling with cornices.
  • Bathroom with tiles and paintings, wash basin and bidet.
  • Large room with two large windows, carpeting, painted ceiling and fireplace on the west side.
  • Office with parquet floor, fabric wall and French ceiling.
  • Bathroom with large window and north-facing terrace.
  • Access to a room located inside the old tower.
  • Small room on the South-East side with parquet floor and upholstered wall.
  • Anteroom and bedroom with window on the East side, two wall closets and fireplace.
  • Dressing room in circular tower.
  • Bedroom with east window and fireplace.
  • Bathroom with washbasin and bidet.
  • Opening to the central distributor, with window to the East façade.
  • Bedroom with West window, parquet floor, upholstered wall, painted ceiling and fireplace.
  • Bathroom with tiles, painted walls, wash basin and bidet.
  • Large room with small balcony on the West side, parquet, painted wooden walls and fireplace.
  • Large bathroom with window to the West.

Accessible by North staircase, it comprises various service rooms on the attic floor and a large room on the West side.

Surface areas of the château:

  • Basement - 476.07 sq m (5,124.37 sq ft)
  • First floor - 449.32 sq m (4,836.44 sq ft)
  • First floor - 394.91 sq m (4,250.77 sq ft)
  • Floor 2 - 383.46 sq m (4,127.52 sq ft)
  • Floor 3 - 274.17 sq m (2,951.14sq ft)
  • Total - 1,977.93 sq m (21,290.26 sq ft)
  • To the Northeast of the château, there are 7 buildings with a total built area of 4,121 m2 (44,358.07 sq ft).
  • Building 1: Ground floor + second floor, 4 bedrooms, plus storeroom, bathroom, living room with sitting room, 2 storage rooms and pantry.
  • Building 2: Warehouse for fuel storage.
  • Building 3: Hunting pavilion with lounge, living room, kitchen, WC, old salting room and grain store.
  • Building 4: Ground floor + second floor. Dwelling with 4 bedrooms, dressing room and pantry, living room, living room, kitchen, WC, hangar, workshop, storage room, 2 storage rooms and shed.
  • Building 5: Ground floor + second floor. Garage, barn, living room, kitchen, game room, bathroom and WC, with 2 bedrooms and distributor.
  • Building 6: Stables, containing a sheepfold and a kennel.
  • Building 7: Water tower-tank.

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