Champagne Heritage - Prince Henri d’Orléans, Altesse Royale / Cuvée Heritage Rose

Champagne Champagne Heritage
Value: 51.00 IDON ($510.00) per case *
$500 - $1K Range


Night Edition: black bottles with metal labels
Type: Rosé
Year: 2018
Size: 750 ml
Champagne is offered by the case (six bottles).

*Supply is extremely limited. Maximum of two cases per customer.


Pink raspberry robe with salmon reflections and a fine bubble. Fresh and delicate nose with citrus, raspberry and flower aromas. Intense fruity revealing the aromas of red currant and strawberry. Fine and fresh, with notes of grapefruit, cherry and strawberry. Fresh and elegant finish, of great length.


Marne Valley vineyard
Sandy clay soil


Alcohol content: 12
Volume: 750 ml
Total Acidity : 10 g / L
25% Chardonnay 35% Pinot Black 40% Pinot Meunier


Grapes Pressing: juice from the cuvee heart
Fermentation in stainless steel tanks.
Malolactic fermentation.
Cold passing.
Aging on lees : 3 years

We are pleased to present our iconic Champagnes HERITAGE - Prince Henri d'Orléans – Altesse Royale, created in partnership with HRH Prince Henri d'Orléans, Head of the Royal House of France. HRH Prince Henri d'Orléans is a direct descendant of the dynasty of forty kings including Saint Louis, Henri IV and Louis XIII, creator of France.

Born of rich history and the desire to share with champagne lovers this culture of excellence with a certain “French art de vivre”, combining authenticity and sophisticated modernity, but also to participate the means endowment for the realization of charitable action by associations and NGOs, including the Old Royal Order and Sovereign of the Star, the oldest order of French chivalry, created in 1022 by Philippe LE BEL and which has given itself today for mission the patrimony protection.

Our wines are made in Épernay, the capital of Champagne, from the three Champagne grape varieties - Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay - which brings uniquely sophisticated and complementary characteristics: respectively roundness and fruity; body and power; finally finesse and liveliness.

This standard of excellence and our desire for exquisite shared pleasure, leads our team to make uncompromising choices, in particular with the production of champagne with one of the lowest sulfite levels thanks to an industrial process developed with our oenologist within the framework of the highest quality standard: ISO 22000, with several awards from the BTI (Beverage Testing Institute - USA): Gold medal - exceptional mention - cellar recommendation - 93/100 for our Blanc de Blancs; Gold medal - exceptional mention - 90/100 for our Brut and Silver medal - highly recommended mention - 88/100 for our Rosé. Our cuvée are distinguished, through different offerings (Brut, Rosé, Vintage, Blanc de Blancs...), and by their intensity, richness on the palate, their freshness and elegant finesse bringing champagne lovers a sophisticated experience to share with conviviality and pure pleasure these magnificent sparkling flavors.


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