Chalet Brickell, Megève/French Alps

Chalet Europe, France
Value: 3,000,000.00 IDON ($30,000,000.00) *
$25MM - $50MM Range


Chalet Brickell enjoys the luxury of a stunning setting at the heart of Megève. This exceptional chalet, with its guest house, blends in perfectly with the small town. Situated at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by nature dressed in white, it seems to have found its natural place. Designed to precise specifications, down to the tiniest detail, it offers the rich sobriety of noble materials, the subtlety of elegant combinations, and a superbly functional space. Nothing is left to chance. Every accessory has its role to play: a breath of color, a glow of light, bespoke rugs, unique motifs. Behind this chic modernity lies a truly authentic simplicity.

Main cottage:

  • Level -1: clearance, two semi-one-eyed rooms, premises technical, wine cellar, cinema room;
  • On the Rez level of The Causeway: entrance hall, four bedrooms;
  • At the R-1 level: living room, bar, dining room, kitchen;
  • Attic level: television space;

Underground space connecting the two chalets:

  • Level -1: car garage, traffic with space relaxation (jacuzzi, sauna, massage room, room video games, weight room), ski room with a locker room;

A guest cottage:

  • Level -1: disco;
  • On the ground floor level: swimming pool;
  • Level 1: two bedrooms, bar and lounge area;

This truly iconic property comes fully furnished and decorated as shown in the pictures. Furnishings, decoration, art, silverware, bed linen, etc. everything in. Only the bottles shown in the cellar are not included.

Dedicated Staff Available & Potential Rental Income

A dedicated staff can manage the property in general as well as any rentals, if needed. The property can rent for as much as € 130,000 per week. If wanted, a 3 year rental agreement for € 400,000 net per year can be executed. A prospective tenant has serious, confirmed interest.


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Megève is often referred to as the St Moritz of France. It is a resort which has attracted jet setters since the Rothschilds made it popular in the early 1900s; but is also an ideal family destination that has, unlike many ski resorts, retained its local French essence and atmosphere. The village is exactly what one would look for in a ski resort: a picture postcard central square with horse drawn carriages waiting to take you on a tour along the cobbled streets; old wooden chalets dominated by a church that dates back to the 13th Century and plenty of chic boutiques with all the trappings of elegance and class.

Megève is ideally located as it is only an hour’s drive from Geneva airport.

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The staircase, like a modern drawbridge, allows access to the large living room. The transparent blend of metal, glass and steel elegantly complements the warm harmonies of antique woods. Pure lines create a comfort that is absolute simplicity. The overall effect is one of a neutral, modest, welcoming refinement that makes the perfect setting for works of art or original shots by renowned photographers.


The impressive height beneath the beams gives the living room a feeling of airiness and space. Four sofas, in beautifully worked cut velvet, please the eye with their warm shades, from gold patina to taupe. Niches in walls built from local stone hold candles and lamps. The rug is made exclusively in the colors of Brickell, while the lamp mirrors the chandelier – both of which envelop the light with their lace-like structures. The central coffee tables feature the same taupe shades, only this time in leather – which is also woven into accessories. The fireplace, clad in Corten steel, is a unique piece designed especially for the living room.


The living room extends into the dining room, where pride of place is given to a custom-made table in leather, metal and chrome. A chandelier with crystal droplets hangs from above, majestic and mysterious. As it catches and reflects the rays of the sun, it shines with a magnificent radiance. The cutlery on the table has been plated with fine gold exclusively for Brickell. The plates and glasses have been made by the most prestigious French factories. Around the table stand high-backed chairs in wood overlaid with fine gold with a patina finish. The crystal chandelier creates a halo of light above the table. Further away, the glass candlesticks seem to merge into the surroundings. A porthole-style window, which opens onto the kitchen, allows for easy communication with the chef.


Like everywhere else in the chalet, every element of the décor has been custom designed, including the tall chairs in silver metal and the gently curved bar, like a large comma that sits in the space. The top of the counter is made from glass. Irresistibly, the eyes are drawn to the large picture window and its unique, panoramic view over the centre of Megève and its famous bell tower.


Imperator marble from Spain, chrome-plated surfaces and taupe-colored, lacquered vertical facades decorate innovative kitchen equipment. Functionality is the essence in this room, where all elements come together in a perfectly mastered harmony.


In the wine cellar, the ham-slicing machine is dressed in gold, like a prima donna. Vintage wines, from the best years, are displayed on illuminated shelves. Almost 600 bottles can be stored here.


Meticulously executed finishing touches and exquisite attention to detail make this space a true haven of well-being. The master bedroom owes its beauty to the skills of Italian craftsmen, specialized in the construction of yachts. Walls made of wood meet an oak floor covered with thick rugs, while shagreen leather frames the doorway. Cut-velvet panels line the wall and ceiling, like a canopy above the bed, which is covered with a fur bedspread. Heavy drapes and an enveloping easy chair create a cozy reading corner. Here, you feel cocooned. Taupe leathers adorn the easy chair and leather-covered sliding doors open onto the marble bathroom, where two identical Japanese-style shower rooms face each other.


Warm and cold light create different atmospheres in the bathroom, which is custom carved in imperator marble. Traditional lighting and LEDs come together in a luminous balance based on a palette of yellow and blue. Generously spacious, the bathroom crafted in imperator marble has a magical décor, like something out of a film. And here, it’s so easy to feel like a star.


Antique wood and a Fortuny-inspired pleated headboard set the tone in the room with gold-colored quilted curtains. Like a plush bedspread, a large fur blanket covers the bed, which is fitted with sheets with touches of gold – for a gold room.


Leather-paneled walls match the headboard, in shades of taupe that accentuate the whiteness of the bed linens and accessories. Fur adds a touch of warmth.


Perfectly independent yet comfortably close, the guest house can be reached via the illuminated track in the very chic garage. The two twin bedrooms face each other across the main living room, which connects with all the rooms of the house. Materials and colors, with an animal or mineral feel, create a warm cocooning atmosphere.


The indoor pool looks onto the garden and benefits from the natural light. To protect privacy, custom-made curtains can be drawn across the large windows – a little like the Hollywood of the fifties. Bed loungers, along with a teak floor like the deck of a yacht, give the feel of a relaxing cruise.


Skis, shoes, clothing, accessories. There’s a specific place to hold everything in this ultra-functional space worthy of champions!


The night club, as well as the home cinema and its large screen, have been installed to the highest professional standards and make use of the very latest technical developments. Dancers can enjoy an LED lighting system created by a specialist who provides the lighting solutions for discotheques throughout the world. The «dark» room puts the emphasis on comfort, with luxurious couches and individual service.


Light therapy complements the intimacy of the massage room, with its Andy Warhol colors.


This is the place for a moment of me-time, where relaxation and well-being are guaranteed.


The huge garage in the basement links the main chalet and the guest house. From here, the leisure rooms can be accessed. A showcase for car collectors or enthusiasts, it has been designed to house 4x4s, racing cars and also elegant limousines, with a focus on aesthetics and rigor. The floor has a granular surface, the central axis features the colors of Brickell, while the walls display the fastest and most famous racing drivers, with Steve McQueen in top position.


The teak terrace, against a backdrop of snow, is the perfect place to relax in the sun. White sets the inside-outside tone and gives a warm comfort to an open-air relaxation area. Custom-made sun loungers, for moments of leisure, adopt a deck-chair look with high-quality yacht-style details.


Brickell is south-facing, allowing it to soak up the sun all day long, and has unforgettable mountain views. It offers both a refuge and scenes to feast the eyes.

In the midst of a buzzing town, this haven of peace reveals all its splendor. The purity and silence of a blanket of snow, warmed by the light of the winter sun, set the tone At Brickell, time takes a more leisurely pace and well-being finds a home.



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