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Benefits of IDON

IDON is a digital payment token and the enabler of the Idoneus Economy. Use it today to buy, sell, rent or otherwise experience luxury assets, goods and services available on the Idoneus Platform.

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Economy of Exceptional People & Partners

Our exceptional clients and partners are engaging in a borderless economy, where freedom of choice and control over wealth is the foundation. Idoneus connects Industry Partners, Asset Owners, and Token Holders on one integrated blockchain-based economy to efficiently & effectively enter into a Value for Value Exchange.

Industry Partners

Ability to onboard your assets, goods and services into the Idoneus Economy. This provides each industry partner with increased exposure to qualified buyers.

Asset Owners

Ability to divest out of surplus, dormant or underutilized assets, and exchange for an asset class which is experiencing rapid growth and global adoption (IDON).

Token Holders

Ability to buy, rent or experience luxury assets, goods and services, located globally, which are available within the Idoneus Economy and private transactions.

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